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Sit with Lady Luck at the BAGHA Club Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament

13 July 2008

Test your luck at the first BAGHA Club Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament on Friday 25 July. The tournament starts at 4, as does the 4-hour Happy Hour. The BBQ starts at 7 – enjoy that free shot in the coconut that comes with your meal – and the bar closes late.

Card sharks, amateurs, novices, spectators and lovers of food and drink welcome. We expect a large crowd from the late afternoon until the late evening. If you think Lady Luck might be on your side that night, or if you want to cheer on your friends, or if you just want some great barbequed food, be here then.

To compete, register at our upstairs bar and pay 1500 taka. Prizes will be presented towards the end of the evening for the top 5 players. Bring an expat club card to enter.

Help us spread the word. For more info, call 881 4644 or email manager@baghaclub.com

Event follow-up written on 26 July 2008...

Last night's poker tournament was a tremendous success, with forty three competitors from around the international community! We will most definitely be repeating the event in future.

The final table of eight competitors became the stage for a long drama that unfolded over more than an hour, and a Nordic Club member took home the grand prize, followed by a BAGHA member finishing in second place.

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