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Celebrating diversity at the Around The World event

17 December 2008

We are organising this event to celebrate the diversity of the city's international community. Food and drinks will be part of the night's festivities. We hope you can find a love for new tastes before our DJ enters and performs his international beats set.

Get tickets now and help us start spreading the word.

~19:30 reception, 20:00 MC welcome announcement
~International Beats Set by DJ at 22:00
~food from around the world included with ticket
~themed bars
~several dance acts
~raffle for great prizes throughout the evening
~dress: your national dress, something that represents your culture or the colours of your national flag

Event follow-up written on Friday 16 January...

Last night, nearly 300 guests joined us for a truly wonderful event. Many thanks to the people who made it happen:
  • WSP for its sponsorship
  • Conveyor Logistics for its sponsorship
  • Emirates Airways for providing the grand raffle prize of two return tickets to Dubai
  • Sabir Traders Limited for providing several fantastic raffle prizes
  • Hiro Hisabayashi and her dance group, Salsa International Dhaka
  • Mikey Leung for the photographs of Bangladesh
  • SAR International for providing the T-shirts
Through the raffle ticket sales and t-shirt sales, we raised more than 70,000 taka for The Dhaka Project, a non-profit organisation that provides food, education, healthcare and shelter to slum-dwellers of the city.

Preparations are now underway for our next massive event: the 30th anniversary celebration, to be held on Friday 6 March.

The wonders of the ubiquitous kebab

15 December 2008

Last month, we hosted a Kebab Night. It was so well-received, we thought we would write an entry that includes some info from the research that we conducted in preparation for it. At the bottom of the post is the menu of kebabs that we served on the evening.

The kebab, AKA kabob, kibob, kebhav, and kephav. World famous. The term refers to a variety of meat dishes found in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, African, Central Asian and South Asian cuisine, almost always consisting of a grilled meats served on a stick. Simple and fantastic. Generally, kebabs include lamb or beef, though others make use of goat, chicken, fish and shellfish. Due to the origins of many kebab recipes in predominantly Muslim or Jewish regions, pork kebabs are not commonplace, though they can be found, for example, throughout India.

The simplicity of roasting meat on sticks over an open fire has resulted in worldwide variations on the same basic idea, and this method of cooking most probably became vastly popular around the globe due to the relatively small amount of cooking time, preparation and energy such as fuel or oil - cubes of meat cook quickly over a small flame. Much literature points to Turkish soldiers roasting meats on their swords as the birth of the kebab, though evidence shows shish kebab being cooked in Greece as early as the 8th century BC.

What many North Americans refer to as kebab is actually shish kebab - its translation in Turkish is “skewered grill-meat - and generally consists of lamb or beef, tomatoes, capsicum and onions threaded onto a skewer, though other common vegetables include eggplant, mushrooms and pickles. Variations on the shish kebab include the Greek souvlaki, the Russian shashlik, the French brochette, the Spanish pinchito, the Southeast Asian satay, the India kathi, and the Brazilian espetinho.

And what it is commonly known in the UK and Australia as kebab is actually döner kebab - its translation in Turkish is “rotating grill-meat” - and with variations in the Greek gyro and the Middle Eastern shawarma. Döner kebab is most popularly served in pita bread with salad. Other popular kebab include the chelow kebab - meat served with saffron rice - which is the national dish of Iran, the shami lamb kebab from India, and the adana kebab, which is minced lamb served on pita with onions. Today, though, we’ll be serving you worldwide variations on the shish kebab with some wonderful accompaniments.

Pork French Brochette With Baguette
Pork Spanish Pinchitos
Mediterranean Beef Kofta With Tzatziki And Pita Bread
Indonesian Chicken Sate With Peanut Sauce And Raw Onions And Cucumbers
Indian Chicken Tikka With Mint Yoghurt And Onions In Vinegar
Turkish Beef Shish Kebab With Yoghurt And Pita Bread
Vegetable Kebab
Fruit Kebab

iThink, therefore, iBagha

10 November 2008

The Club has been extremely busy over the last few weeks. Many thanks to those who have attended the Kings OF The Cage futsal tournament, the Halloween gathering, and Duplex. This Thursday, we are bringing you something really unique: iBagha.

Announcing two floors packed with entertainment at Duplex

16 October 2008

du-plex [doo-pleks] - noun - building divided into two units

We are the only international club in Dhaka with two party-friendly floors. On Friday 24 October, we will be making the most of them.

Downstairs: drink, dance, party
Upstairs: eat, lounge, chill

800 taka gets you entrance to the party, a free drink & a raffle ticket. The grand prize of the raffle is two return tickets Kong, kindly provided by Dragonair. You can win big just by showing up.

Tickets are on sale. The first 20 people to buy one get a free BAGHA t-shirt. Spread the word.

~fantastic BBQ all night
~8-9 Happy Hour
~DJ @ 9
~prizes given away throughout the evening
~bring that expat club card to enter

Because everybody loves tapas: our new snacks menu

We are proud to introduce our snacks & appetizers menu that offers a tremendous range of stuff to try while you enjoy refreshments at the bar. This is an ongoing experiment, and we are looking for your feedback. Over time, we will cut down this menu and keep the most popular items.

Next time you are at the BAGHA, ask for a copy of this new menu. Let us know what you think.

£1.10 each
vegetable platter. with thousand island or hummus
baguette with olive oil & balsamic vinegar
roasted potatoes in a basket
garlic-chilli linguini
garlic potato salad
fat chips

£1.50 each
potato wedges
welsh rarebit
garlic olives

£2 each
salsa bruschetta
feta & capsicum bruschetta
mini chicken or beef pita pockets
mini kingfish fingers
mini chicken satay
shrimp cocktail
mexican shrimp cocktail

fried prawns
batter-fried prawns
mini prawn pita pockets
kingfish cakes
lime-garlic prawns on baguette. with salsa

How our most popular restaurant item - the sizzling steak - just got even better

8 October 2008

Our classic sizzling beef fillet is by far our most popular menu item, and with good reason. We will go so far as to say it is one of the most enjoyable meals in the city.

And to make things even better, we now offer some alternatives to the classic.

Cheddar-melt. topped with a creamy cheddar-mushroom sauce

Mexicana. topped with a chunky salsa & diced olives

Surf ‘n’ Turf. served with golden fried shrimp

Bacon & Cheddar.

The Royale. the ultimate indulgence. topped with sautéed mushrooms, garlic, onions & a creamy cheddar-mushroom sauce

All steaks are served with your choice of two sides.

baby corn, salad, sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, chips, jacket potato, potato salad or coleslaw

How to kick back in style at the BAGHA this September

7 September 2008

Sometimes, you want to a change from the general Thursday night bustle. Sometimes, you just need a bacon cheeseburger in one hand & a cocktail in the other while you sit on a couch & casually contemplate the busting of moves out on the dancefloor.

And so, we bring you Kickback.

6-8 happy hour
8-10 happy hour on cocktails
DJ @ 10
steak & burger grill all night
free entry before 9 (500 taka afterwards)
dress: something blue
bring an expat club card to enter

This is a party of comfort, lounge seating, and fine food and drink at reasonable prices. This is a night to feast, to drink, to dance. Teriyaki steaks, cheddamelt steaks, lemon pesto steaks & mushroom pork steaks. Hawaiian-style burgers, bacon burgers, chilli burgers, inside-out cheeseburgers & salsa burgers. Indulge. Get here early for free entry.

Events for you in August 2008

2 August 2008

Tuesday 5 August. Movie Night (not shown on the above calendar). "I'm Trying To Break Your Heart", a film about the band, Wilco, by Sam Jones. This event will be the first of its kind at the BAGHA. We'll be meeting downstairs around 20:00 to watch selected pieces of the movie on the project screen. Snacks - popcorn, nachos and hotdogs, of course - will be available, and we'll all be enjoying an extended Happy Hour that starts with the movie. Afterwards, anyone who wants to stick around for a chat about what we'll have watched is more than welcome.

We hope to make Movie Night a monthly or twice-monthly event, and we may even go as far as T-shirt production to help it gain some momentum. Of course, movie choices are heartily encouraged, and we'll have scored a victory if we eventually see some competition over what will be watched in future. Those with potential choices might be asked to explain the reasons for their selection and perhaps even asked to shape the event, rather than just pressing play. Hope you make it!

Thursday 7 August. From The BHC To The BAGHA (not shown on the above calendar). This event is most certainly the first of its kind. Last month, we suggested to the BHC the idea of co-hosting a mini-event, starting there and ending here, and we were given the go-ahead, so get ready for some extended Happy Hours, free snacks, a charity raffle there for some fun prizes, a trivia quiz here with some more fun prizes, and some great music spanning decades - all with a British theme.

Friday 8 August. The Quarter-To BBQ (not shown on the above calendar). Quarter-To's sixth BAGHA performance will coincide with a fantastic all-you-can-eat-create-your-own-meal Mongolian BBQ. All meals include a coconut filled with a double-shot of your choice of spirits (we suggest rum). Again, more extended Happy Hours. Should be an extremely relaxing way to spend a Friday evening.

Thursday 21 August. The Funky Hat Party. Get ready. It's going to be big. Bring your hats, your sense of humour, your friends and your dancing shoes. Each ticket costs 700 taka (on sale from noon tomorrow), which will include a free drink at the gate, so long as you bring that funky hat [prizes for the best]. More info about the event is to be posted here soon.

Sit with Lady Luck at the BAGHA Club Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament

13 July 2008

Test your luck at the first BAGHA Club Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament on Friday 25 July. The tournament starts at 4, as does the 4-hour Happy Hour. The BBQ starts at 7 – enjoy that free shot in the coconut that comes with your meal – and the bar closes late.

Card sharks, amateurs, novices, spectators and lovers of food and drink welcome. We expect a large crowd from the late afternoon until the late evening. If you think Lady Luck might be on your side that night, or if you want to cheer on your friends, or if you just want some great barbequed food, be here then.

To compete, register at our upstairs bar and pay 1500 taka. Prizes will be presented towards the end of the evening for the top 5 players. Bring an expat club card to enter.

Help us spread the word. For more info, call 881 4644 or email manager@baghaclub.com

Event follow-up written on 26 July 2008...

Last night's poker tournament was a tremendous success, with forty three competitors from around the international community! We will most definitely be repeating the event in future.

The final table of eight competitors became the stage for a long drama that unfolded over more than an hour, and a Nordic Club member took home the grand prize, followed by a BAGHA member finishing in second place.

Strain those brain cells at the Big Quiz this April

21 May 2008

On Wednesday 30 April, be here for The Big Quiz. Pick a team name, wear a team colour, and work with your mates to win money for a good cause - the winning team donates the money to a charity of choice. The quiz nights are always loads of fun, and this one should be especially so with an extended 18:00-20:00 Happy Hour, a special pub menu for the evening, and a late bar closing. The following day is May Day, so everyone should be able to enjoy a much-welcome three-day weekend.

Also on the cards is a May Day celebration geared towards families and young children. More details will be posted soon.

Swim, eat and dance at the pool,food&musicBASH

16 May 2008

Join us for the pool,food&musicBASH on Friday 30 May.

We will fire up the barbeque, which will serve hot dogs, burgers and shish kebabs. The food will be well-priced and cooked up quick, so come with an empty stomach.

Rapid Action Band will be on stage from 20:00, and DJ Simon will begin his set at 22:00.

Come early, come hungry, come thirsty, and bring those flipflops. Tickets are 700 taka, which comes with a free drink and a hotdog. Check out our Facebook Group page for more info.

Bring an expat club card to enter. Cheers.

Irish band Four Men & A Dog to play at the BAGHA!

21 April 2008

Renowned Irish folk band Four Men & A Dog are flying over to perform a series of unique one-time shows, one of them here at the Club on Friday 25 April! 300 tickets are on sale for 1500 taka each, and more than half of them have already been sold, so move quick if you'd like to attend. The band will be supported by local music ensemble, Purbo Poschim, and dance troupe, Nikkon. Many thanks to HELM, Chevron, Ranks ITT and Homebound for their sponsorship of this fantastic event.

Big screens, burgers from our barbecue, and the chance to see something unprecedented here in Dhaka, and a follow-up DVD of the event! Spread the word, buy tickets soon, and be here on Friday by 19:30.

Event follow-up written on 26 May 2008...

Last Friday, the BAGHA Club hosted its largest event in years! Well-known Irish folk band Four Men & A Dog was supported by local music ensemble, Purbo Poschim (which means East-West in Bangla), and dance troupe, Nikkon. Check out the photos from the event on our Facebook.com Group page - to view them, you'll need to join Facebook, a process that takes about two minutes.

A lot of great people deserve a big pat on the back for the amount of effort they put into the preparation of the show - organizers, performers, sponsors and the Club staff all worked successfully as a great machine that enabled one of the expatriate community's most unique-ever events to come to fruition. Thank you, and congratulations.

It was, in all respects, unbelievable, and everyone left the venue on a high with recollections of an unforgettable night. Let's hope for future events that can be as special.

Coming up on Wednesday is Quiz Night, and we hope you can attend what should turn into an evening of light-hearted, relaxing fun. "Strain that brain for charity!" And on this coming Friday, we'll be hosting the first Great British Sunday Roast (on a Friday) in months, so be here then!

Get ready for An Arabian Night

6 April 2008

On Thursday 11 April, join us for "An Arabian Night." Entry is free!

The first part of the evening will include a wonderful spread of food of Arabian cuisine. Familes are warmly invited.

Rapid Action Band will perform from 20:00, and DJ Simon will be on from 22:00, possibly followed by a special guest DJ. Dress fun, prepare to feast, and dance to beats from around the Middle East.

Join us on 9 April for the 2008 AGM

1 April 2008

Hey guys, the Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 April, a week from today. We hope you can attend.

It will be a chance to share your thoughts about the Club and to hear the opinions of your fellow members. Votings for the 2008/09 Committee will also take place, so come along, speak up, and give it a shot!

The meeting will begin at 18:30.

Coming up in 2008: the year of the BAGHA

16 March 2008

Saturday 5 April - FA Cup semi-finals, live band Quarter-To and a barbecue. Hope you can make it.

Thursday 10 April - An Arabian Night. Details will be posted soon.

Friday 25 April - Famous traditional Irish folk band Four Men And A Dog are flying over to give a unique one-time performance here at the Club! Tickets are on sale from 1 April, so move fast!

2008: the Year Of The BAGHA

6 February 2008

On 11 January, we hosted the extremely successful Welcome Back To Dhaka Party, one of the best nights the Club has seen in years. Then on the 25th, more than 100 guests attended our Burns Supper, a yearly event that celebrates the birth anniversary of the late and great Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

Super 8 Football tournament and BBQ on Saturday 9 February

8 teams, 5 players each (plus 2 subs), great food, live band in the evening, and Premier League on the big screen in the evening. For fans of food, drink and not-so-serious football. Put together a team, and register by email (manager@baghaclub.com).

Valentine's Day Party on Thursday 14 February

DJ Simon will be on from 10. Your 700 taka ticket gets you a free drink and snacks all night. It's going to be big, don't miss it.

Also scheduled: Monday 17 March Saint Patrick's Day Celebration & England v Rugby Six Nations on the big screen

Buy tickets today for the 250th celebration of the Burns Supper

15 January 2008

Join us next Friday for the annual Burns Supper, organized by the Dhaka Caledonian Society and this year hosted at the BAGHA Club. 180 tickets are available for 2500 taka each, and all proceeds go to charity. Expect some pipes and drums from the Bangladesh Rifles, followed by poetry from The Bard, a toast, a 3-course meal including haggis flown in from Scotland courtesy of British Airways, and a Scottish Ceilidh. Raffle tickets will be on sale, and you'll have the opportunity to win some truly fantastic prizes.

Tickets will be on sale from today at the BAGHA and BHC Club. Hope you can make one of the best events of the year.

An exciting glimpse at the future: events coming in 2008

2 January 2008

Welcome to the Year Of The BAGHA. Throughout 2008, we will be bringing you a tremendous range of unique events.

Welcome Back To Dhak-aargh! on Friday 11 January

Tickets will be 700 taka, which includes a drink and free snacks all night. DJ Simon will begin his set at 10, so expect some chill lounge beats to complement the plush settings.

250th anniversary of the Burns Supper to be celebrated on Friday 25 January

The world-renowned annual Burns Supper will be celebrated here on our tennis court. For only nine pounds, you will receive a three-course meal and a selection of drinks. Only 160 tickets are available. Call 881 4644 or email manager@baghaclub.com for details.

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Join us on Thursday 14 February for a large-scale celebration Valentine's Day. This will be the Club's first big event on its road 44 premises: free food, great service, multiple music acts and maybe some fire spinning.

BAGHA Club Facebook group

If you have not yet joined our Facebook Group already, check it out now. It is the easiest way to stay in touch with the Club community and find out which events are coming up in the near future.

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