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Irish band Four Men & A Dog to play at the BAGHA!

21 April 2008

Renowned Irish folk band Four Men & A Dog are flying over to perform a series of unique one-time shows, one of them here at the Club on Friday 25 April! 300 tickets are on sale for 1500 taka each, and more than half of them have already been sold, so move quick if you'd like to attend. The band will be supported by local music ensemble, Purbo Poschim, and dance troupe, Nikkon. Many thanks to HELM, Chevron, Ranks ITT and Homebound for their sponsorship of this fantastic event.

Big screens, burgers from our barbecue, and the chance to see something unprecedented here in Dhaka, and a follow-up DVD of the event! Spread the word, buy tickets soon, and be here on Friday by 19:30.

Event follow-up written on 26 May 2008...

Last Friday, the BAGHA Club hosted its largest event in years! Well-known Irish folk band Four Men & A Dog was supported by local music ensemble, Purbo Poschim (which means East-West in Bangla), and dance troupe, Nikkon. Check out the photos from the event on our Facebook.com Group page - to view them, you'll need to join Facebook, a process that takes about two minutes.

A lot of great people deserve a big pat on the back for the amount of effort they put into the preparation of the show - organizers, performers, sponsors and the Club staff all worked successfully as a great machine that enabled one of the expatriate community's most unique-ever events to come to fruition. Thank you, and congratulations.

It was, in all respects, unbelievable, and everyone left the venue on a high with recollections of an unforgettable night. Let's hope for future events that can be as special.

Coming up on Wednesday is Quiz Night, and we hope you can attend what should turn into an evening of light-hearted, relaxing fun. "Strain that brain for charity!" And on this coming Friday, we'll be hosting the first Great British Sunday Roast (on a Friday) in months, so be here then!



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