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Saying goodbye to '07, warming up to '08

30 December 2007

Free entry, free snacks, cheap drinks (happy hour from 6-10). Wherever you will be later that night, start here at the BAGHA.

Enjoying an evening in our garden

28 November 2007

Great food, cheap cocktails and free entry. Check out more info on our BAGHA Club Facebook Group page.

BAGHA Club B-team moves into the semi-finals

The BAGHA Club B-team has moved on to the semi-finals, which will be played here against the Japanese Club on Monday 3 December. All members are warmly invited to show your support.

Move fast for tickets to our Great British Sunday Roast (On A Friday)

1:00 to 3:00
5 pounds, 3.50 for children 12 and under
All expat club card holders welcome

Check out the new BAGHA Club Facebook Group

21 November 2007

The BAGHA Club Group Facebook page is growing, and we invite you to join. It's an easy way of staying in touch with the community and finding out what's going on at the Club. Its photo gallery is getting new additions all the time, and we welcome any submissions. Registration with Facebook is free and takes about three minutes. Hope to see you joining the group soon!

Join us for another spectacular rooftop BBQ

14 November 2007

Thursday 15 November

BBQ from 19: to 22:00
Bar closes at 1:00
4.50 pounds per person, 3 pounds for children 12 and under
Special 17:00 to 19:00 Happy Hour
All expat club card holders welcome
All-You-Can-Eat salad bar

Strain your brain at the October 2008 Quiz Night

2 October 2007

5 - 7:30 happy hour
quiz starts at 8
100 taka competition entry
teams of up to 6
pick a team name, wear a team colour, and come test your knowledge for charity

Announcing one of Dhaka's best-kept secrets: the BAGHA rooftop BBQ

22 September 2007

Saturday 29 September 2007

4.75, 3.25 vegetarian, 2.00 kids 12 and under
19:00 to 22:00
17:00 to 19:00 special Happy Hour
Dessert now included
Hope you can make it. All expat club card holders welcome.

Just out: the BAGHA Club Facebook group

17 September 2007

The Club now has a Facebook group. Use it to find info about upcoming events, download and upload photos, and communicate with other members of the community.

Registration with FaceBook is free. It is a fun, easy to use application that can help you easily find friends you know around the world. When registered, use the Search Engine to find the BAGHA Club.

Don't miss band Quarter-To's first gig

24 August 2007

Quarter-To will play their first gig at the BAGHA on Friday 31 August.

Music starts around 20:00, finishes around 21:30.
Free entry
Gate closes at 23:00
Kitchen closes at 23:00, bar closes at midnight

Special General Meeting called about possible EU membership category

21 August 2007

On Thursday 30 Auguset, members will vote on a motion to amend the Constitution: new Associate Member category open to 30 EU passport holders, who will be subject to the same regulations and fee structure as Special Members, and shall be non-voting members.

Starts at 18:30, same time as Happy Hour [snacks served]. Even if you can't attend the full meeting, do come and vote. Hope to see you tonight.

Meeting follow-up written on 1 September...

Two days ago, Club members voted unanimously on a motion to amend the Constitution, which will allow up to 30 EU passport holders to join as part of a new Associate Member category. Many thanks to those who voted.

Friday 24 August: BlueNote

18 August 2007

Yesterday's brunch buffet went well, so we're having another one on Friday 7 September. This Friday [the 24th], come for BlueNote, the best jazz & blues group in the city. Because of potential rain, we may put the stage downstairs or set up a marquee upstairs. Either way, come for some great music, food and wine.

Happy Hour 6:30 to 8:30
Music starts at 8
Kitchen open til 11
Bar open til 1

Weather [by
Weatherbug]: Thunderstorms late. Partly sunny. 25° to 32° Celsius. Humidity 84%, comfort level 39° Celsius. Chance of precipitation 45%.

Introducing the BAGHA Friday brunch

13 August 2007

Come to the Club's first Friday Brunch of the year on 17 August. 3.75 pound all-you-can-eat, kids eat for 2.50. We will have a range of breakfast and brunch items on offer.

Cereal, yoghurts, fruits, juices, nice breads and hot menu items, including made-to-order omelettes and fried eggs. This all-you-can-eat offer will be available from 10:00 until 12:30.

We hope to turn Fridays into all-day occasions at the Club, and we think the brunch is a good way to start the mornings.

On Friday 24 August, band BlueNote will return for a candlelit evening of jazz and blues. On Friday 31 August, member Ben Snowdon and guest guitarist Isaac will perform.

Quiz Night on Wednesday 11 July

10 July 2007

Quiz Night 3 from 19:30 tomorrow night. The last two have gone extremely well, and we expect the third to be even better. Pick a team name, choose a team colour, and come test your knowledge.

100 taka competition entry fee. Teams of up to 6. 18:30 to 20:30 Happy Hour (snacks & finger foods served). The collected prize money goes to the winning team's charity of choice.

Be the first to sample items on our new menu

4 July 2007

The new restaurant menu will be launched on Wednesday 11 July. We are going with a soft launch that will last about a week, so bear with us while the cooks and waiters grow accustomed to the changes.

Some new items on offer:
Lemon & coriander hummus with lightly toasted pita bread
Spicy Mexican shrimp cocktail with Tabasco and olives
Hot roast beef & mustard sandwich on a French baguette
Cheddamelt beef fillet with fried onions
Mango & banana milkshake with vanilla ice cream
Pancakes with cinnamon-spiced apples and fresh cream

Stay up to date with our monthly calendar of events

2 July 2007

A calendar of events has been posted on the wall near the entrance to the Club building. Another copy has been framed near the upstairs outside bar.

Quiz Night 2 and Italian Night both successes

17 June 2007

Quiz Night 2 enjoyed a huge turnout, with 10 teams and somewhere between 50 to 60 participants! The next quiz will probably be scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month - so the next one is Wednesday 11 July.

Italian Night proved far more popular than the usual BBQ, with over 50 main courses sold. For only a few hundred taka, we transformed the downstairs dining area, and we think we'll just keep the candles, plants and dimmed lighting as standard. It also offered us an easy test run for future Saturday themed nights - should the next one be Mexican, Thai, Phillipino, American, French, Spanish? Let us know if you have any ideas.

Celebrating the longest day of 2007: the Solstice party

14 June 2007

Thursday 21 June 2007: the Solstice party

The celebration will begin at 18:48 sunset and will include fire spinning, cocktails, sangria and a BBQ. Theme: sun, fire & summer, so wear something bright and something cool (bring your sandals, sunglasses, shorts, swimsuits, lunghis, anything)!

Free entry. High temperatures (79-93 Fahrenheit, 26-34 Celsius) and showers are likely, so dressing down should help.

The return of the BAGHA Club Quiz Night

10 June 2007

Quiz Night is back this coming Wednesday, and we hope you can make it. Pick a team name, wear a team colour and test your knowledge! Entry fee to the competition is 100 taka per person, and the money will go to the winning team's charity of choice.

The last Quiz Night was a success with a decent turnout - let's see if we can get a larger crowd this time. The BHC Club also hosted a Quiz Night last month, and if they're up for it, we'll bring back the Bagha-BHC relationship that we enjoyed a few years back.

You don't need to register beforehand. Just show up for the Happy Hour and enjoy a good laugh before we head downstairs for the quiz. Happy Hour 18:30 to 20:30, finger foods served throughout. Teams of up to 5. Pick a name and colour. Quiz starts between 19:30 and 20:00.

Everyone loves Italian food, so...

8 June 2007

La Bella Notte on Friday 15 September 2007

A special Italian a la carte menu will be on offer for the evening. The evening starts around 19:00, and the kitchen closes at 22:00. Space may be tight, so book a table for you and your friends beforehand (500 taka). More details are available in the office.

Move quick for tickets to the return of band Blue Note

4 June 2007

Jazz and blue duo Blue Note will return for their second gig on Thursday 6 June. Blue Note has quickly established itself as the most light-hearted and relaxing live music ensemble in the city. They played here last month to a 100-strong crowd that helped to raise 30,000 taka for the Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association Hostel Appeal. We hope to exceed that amount this weekend.

300 taka. Proceeds will go to the BNWLA Hostel Appeal.

250 taka for the Soup & Salad bar

18:30 Happy Hour

20:00 music (set 1)

21:00 intermission

21:30 music (set 2)

Event follow-up written on 8 June...

On Thursday 7 June, BlueNote returned for another night of jazz and blues. We sold roughly 90 tickets and raised 27,000 taka for the Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association Hostel Appeal. Many thanks to everyone who showed their support.

Wireless Internet now available in our restaurant

10 May 2007

Bring your laptop, enjoy a fresh coffee, and tell your friends about the best place to get connected. Enjoy.

A fun afternoon for family members: creating a mural

30 April 2007

On Saturday 5 May, the BAGHA Club will host a mural painting afternoon so children can have the opportunity to colour their play area. The event will begin at 14:00. Children (and their parents) are warmly invited.

Introducing the BAGHA Club website

29 April 2007

We hope this website can become the fastest and easiest way for you to keep in touch with the community.

Blue Note to play at the BAGHA Club on Thursday 3 May

Our first live performance of 2007 will take place upstairs from 18:30 on 3 May. BlueNote, which is Andrew Morris on the sax and Saad Chowdhury on the piano, will play to raise funds for the BNWLA Hostel Appeal. Tickets are 300 taka, and soup and salad bar will be an additional 200 taka.

This is both the first music event and fundraising event in some time. You are warmly invited to show your support. By spreading the word of the event, you are helping Blue Note and us raise funds for the Hostel Appeal. The funds will help victims of domestic violence, trauma and rape.

Event follow-up written on 7 May...

On the first jazz & blues event at the new Club, BlueNote played to a roughly 100-strong, extremely appreciative crowd. Many, many thanks to the performers and the attendees.

Blue Note will be back on Thursday 7 June.

We want to make live music a regular feature at the BAGHA. If you know of any willing musicians, let us know.

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