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3 reasons to join the BAGHA's welcoming community

12 October 2010

If you to join a friendly and diverse community, check out the BAGHA Club.

You can swim, use the gym, receive tennis lessons, sip fresh coffee while enjoying the wireless Internet access, read books from our library, chat with the best staff in Dhaka, and mess around with the digital jukebox and karaoke system. You can spend an entire day here and still not get through everything that is on offer!

The great thing about the BAGHA is choice.

Our menu offers something for every kind of good time. Sizzling steaks. Barbeque chicken pizzas. Bacon sandwiches. The best and best-priced frozen daiquiris you will find anywhere. Shawarmas. Fish and chips. And awesome finger foods. This place is a treasure trove of satisfaction.

If you are new to Dhaka, visit the other eight international clubs, too. Check out their facilities. And spend some time getting a feel for each community because each place has its plus points. The Nordic Club is peaceful and offers great food. The British High Commission Club offers a wonderful pool and beautiful grounds.

The BAGHA is busy.

It is lively and exciting. You can meet people right away, which is great if you have just arrived. You can chat freely with fellow members who can help you settle down by pointing you in the right directions. All you have to do is say hello. And just so you know:

we process applications very quickly so you can get involved immediately. People have received their membership cards on the same day they applied! Just bring your EU passport with a visa, cash or chequebook, and two passport photographs. We will review your documents as soon as possible and call you when we have an answer for you.

You should choose a club that fits your wants. And if you want to settle down quickly and meet people easily, the BAGHA may be the place for you.

Think about joining us. Cheers.

- the BAGHA Club


The great thing about the BAGHA Club is choice
The BAGHA is busy
We process membership applications very quickly

Announcing unique day trips for BAGHA members

4 October 2010

Bangladesh offers some unforgettable entertainment experiences, though finding them can be a challenge because of a lack of info and advertising. To make things easier, we are bringing entertainment to you in the form of day trips. Join us for our first, a sunset cruise with Contic River Cruises, on Saturday 16 October.

For more info about Contic, check out its Facebook page or Wikipedia article. Contic’s flagship is the B613, a luxurious, 92-foot wooden boat that boasts the largest sails in Bengal. For a glowing review about the sunset cruise on the B613, click here.

Vans will pick us up from the BAGHA at 15:00 on Saturday. We will then travel on an hour’s journey eastward to Savar, where we will first enjoy a tour of the Tara Tari shipyard. Some French engineers there will give us a tour and tell us about their groundbreaking work in Bangladesh.

After the tour, we will board the B613. It includes six double cabins, bathrooms, a kitchen, a great roof and an ever greater deck. Over the course of a few hours, you will have a chance to catch a glimpse of river life, watch the sun go down, and, finally, enjoy a fantastic feast.

We will then return to the boat yard, jump back in the vans, and be back at the BAGHA by 21:30.

The sunset cruise is a wonderful experience. Roughly half of the 30 available tickets are already gone, so move fast.

We hope this will be the start of many, many extraordinary day trips. In the meantime, if you are looking for what else is on offer in this beautiful country, we suggest a copy of the Bangladesh: Bradt Travel Guide. It is fantastic. If you are looking for something online, check out the Been There: Bangladesh Facebook page.

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