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Just out: the BAGHA Club Facebook group

17 September 2007

The Club now has a Facebook group. Use it to find info about upcoming events, download and upload photos, and communicate with other members of the community.

Registration with FaceBook is free. It is a fun, easy to use application that can help you easily find friends you know around the world. When registered, use the Search Engine to find the BAGHA Club.


Nic said...

Good to see the BAGHA is being so proactive and starting things liek blog, facebook etc. Lets hope it catches on and goes from strength to strength.

Ax the BAGHA seems to still eb in 're-vamping' in new premises mode, I ahev A SUGGESTION: WOULD IT BE AGOOD IDEA TO PUT UP PHOTOS OF THE bagha STAFF AND COMMITTEE at various points around thr club, eg sports staff by tennis courts noticeboard, bar staff by the bar, cleaners outside the gym, committee members by the office, so we all know who is who - and maybe a 1-line potted biography. Partiularly important for committee so we know who to talk to . make everything more transparent...

keep up the good work on the internet though.


18 September 2007 at 12:34

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